Unable to inference to centre of circle to allow me to move group and line up with another circle in a group

Hi there

All assistance appreciated, thanks in advance.

The attached video best explains what I’m trying to do. I’d like to move the grouped entity by inferencing off the centre of the circle within the entity and move it so that it ‘snaps’ to the centre of the tubular entity in the background.

Is this possible?

Thank you. Paul

Example 2.skp (244.0 KB)

Pick it from a vertex

Thank you Mihai. I’ll do that in future.

It’s interesting I can inference the centre of a cylinder to move it, but not the ‘negative’ if you will, as shown in my example. I’m guessing there is a technical reason for this.

Many thanks! Paul

Just hover for a moment to get the inference.
Midpoint Inference

That great thanks Box, appreciated.