Unable to Handle RBZ Files?

I updated to the very latest 2019 version from a previous 2019 version just this morning and now I can’t load extensions. I receive a "Failed to load ‘extension name.rbz.’ Unable to handle rbz files.

ALL of these extensions loaded in the previous (last) release of SketchUp 2019… any info on this would be greatly appreciated.



You must install extensions by opening the extension manager window and clicking the install button. An rbz is a zipped archive for distribution, not a runnable extension itself.

Thank you for the reply…
If you see the attached image, you will see the error pops up after clicking the “Install Extension” button in the Extension Manager Window. There is something else happening…

I had to completely uninstall the latest update and go back to Ver 19.1.173 to get any extensions to load… just an FYI.

I’ve never seen any such error. It’s also not very helpful telling what went wrong (misformatted RBZ, a policy against installing from RBZ etc etc).

Do you know what the extension loading policy was set to when this occurred?

What version did you go back from? Version 19.1.173 is the latest version.

Good Afternoon…
This morning I was notified there was a newer version of SketchUp, which I installed. I cant say what version I was running at the time, but it was the latest to my knowledge.
After updating, everything went awry. After much head scratching and trying to uninstall plugins or find the offending one, I decided to wipe any instance/trace of SketchUp and reinstalled from scratch. That seemed to work fine. I am up and running as normal. I have no explanation or idea what happened. All I know it is fixed with a complete reset.

@slbaumgartner - That is how I load them. Thanks for checking!

@eneroth3 - As far as a SketchUp Load Policy, I have no idea of what context you are speaking. Is it the sequence of routines loaded, loading of the Plugins/Extensions?
Be that as it may, I load all plugins from the Extension Manager, as typical. I am no SketchUp expert by any means…

@DaveR - Thanks for that heads up… I was not aware.

So… all-in-all - THAT Happened and has been rectified. Why it happened, i couldn’t tell you.
I would be interested to see if this happens to anyone else. Thats all I have…

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One current issue with updating the Mac version is that you can go through all of the steps without having quit the current version. You SketchUp 2019 becomes a mixture of versions.

The SketchUpPro-2019-en.dmg file is perhaps still in your downloads folder. If it is, quit SketchUp, mount the DMG, and drag SketchUp 2019 folder back onto the Applications alias. Let it replace the one that is there at the moment.

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The extension loading policy is controlled via the gear icon in the Extension Manager. The only potential reason I can think of for RBZ not to be supported in general is some such policy. The error messages says “RBZ files” in plural, suggesting it is not an issue with the individual file.

Another approach is to ask someone with access to the source code when such message is intended to be displayed, and what may have caused it, as it isn’t clear from the message. @Barry, are you an engineer on the core team?

I think @colin is on the right track. Normally, one would not have to load extensions after an upgrade. The manager is empty, I have seen this once after a crash and starting up quickly after the crash, being impatient as I am😀
@ChrisFullmer ?

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