Unable to export large Sketchup file as OBJ

Hi - I’d be really grateful for any help on this as it’s driving me mad…
I’ve just completed a design in Sketchup Pro 2022. It’s a very large file of 350MB. There are no unused components or detail that I can purge. I need to convert the file to OBJ and have tried several times to Export as OBJ but the computer just refuses (rainbow wheel spinning for 2 and a half hours without the export indicator seeming to move beyond about a third of the way).
If a sketchup file is too large to export, is there some workaround like converting outside of sketchup?
Any advice very much apreciated.

Blender, 3ds Max, Rhino, Vectorworks, etc…

Hi, Thank for replying.

Yes - is there any way o converting outside sketchup? I tried a few of the online conversion sites but they say the file is too large or ‘ERROR’ comes up.
I’ll try again if you think there is one that will convert a file of this size?

The programs I indicated are not online converters.

I’ve just downloaded blender. Are you suggesting I import the sketchup file and export it as obj? If so I can’t see the option in ‘import’ to select .skp files. Sorry if I’m misunderstanding…

There is a plugin for blender that imports sketchup files. It works very well.

Another thing you can do is to split your file into several components and export each component to a single object. Maybe you should consider a plugin that allows every component in your model to have the origin at the origin of the model (CG Adjust-N-Export) and this could allow you to easily reassemble them in the final file.

Excellent - Thank you for your advice - I’ll give this a try!

Your file is so big that probably it needs to run overnight or longer. The export indicator is not reliable.

So you think there is a chance it could export overnight. If so I’ll leave it running…just assumed it was ‘stuck’.


Incidentally I didn’t manage to upload to blender as suggested by a previous respondent - others have said that the plugin suggested doesn’t work on a mac.

Have you tried to reduce the number of polygons? The Skimp extension let you to simplify meshes. Also I remember it allows you to export to obj too

Thanks for your reply. I have just completed the task. I found a hidden line duplicated behind the edge of a component - I don’t know if it was a coincidence but when removed it exported in around 30 minutes. I was reluctant to reduce the umout of polygons due to trying to create a smooth surface.
Thanks for your help.