Unable to edit shapes on the face

unable to edit shapes on the face. why do some shapes lend themselves to copying and further editing, and some make up one whole with a face

Those rectangles might not be on the larger face? Sharing the .skp file would help us diagnose the problem.

What version of SketchUp are you actually using? Your profile says 2019 Make which is impossible.

Yes. I use 2019 version. So I mean, why I cant select left rectangles while rectangles from right side is available to editing ?

Since there is no Make version of 2019, it would help us help you if you would correct your profile so we know you are using SketchUp 2019 Pro.

Again, possibly those rectangles aren’t on the larger face. Or maybe you just need to select all of the geometry and use Intersect Faces to get those edges dto divide the larger face. Without your SketchUp model file all we can do is guess.

myproject.zip (14.7 MB)

check it please

So the rectangles aren’t on the surface of the wall. You can see how they disappear as you get closer.
They are visible because they are close enough to the surface that they are almost the same distance from the camera.

If you want those rectangles to be on the face you need to copy them along the edge of the face.

One thing that doesn’t help you in this case is that your wall is not on axis. The Y-values ought to be the same for the four corners and they clearly aren’t. I don’t know if you’ve modeled the wall correctly or not, though.

can I fix the wall promptly?

Not very easily. I think you’d find it easier to start over at least with that end of the building.

Removing the geometry you added to that part of the model will make it easy. Then ytou can just move the corner. I’ve done that for you but you’ll have to add the rectangles for the windows back in.

By the way, I fixed your incorrect tag usage. ALL edges and faces should be created and remain untagged.
Screenshot - 6_22_2022 , 4_25_39 PM

myproject fixed.zip (14.8 MB)

thank you very much! could you show me how you corrected the coordinates of the points?

I removed the rectangles for the windows and whatever those boxes were on the side. Then I selected the corner edge and move d it in the green direction so it is the same distance from the red axis as the opposite end of that wall. I have no idea if that is correct but at least that face is now in the red/blue plane.

thank you very much! I completely figured it out, the problem was in the position of the wall

Another way to fix just one wall, maybe you can use it for the other walls that aren’t fully aligned/straight :wink:
crooked walls fix