Unable to dismiss V-Ray frame buffer window

Hi, I have SU Pro 2021 with Vray 15.10.04, running on a MacBook Pro (2018) with macOS Big Sur 11.4

My problem is that I cannot dismiss the Vray Frame Buffer window. It is particularly annoying when I need to cancel a render. After stopping the render, I cannot close the window using the normal red window control (no response). If I minimise it, the whole SU window minimises with it, and if I restore it (from the Window menu of SU) then the frame buffer comes back with SU. If I try to move the window to the side it snaps back. After some considerable time, I will be able to close it with the Red window close button, but it takes ages before I can access the Sketchup window again.

It has persisted after a SU restart and a full system restart.

Anyone else having similar issues??

I don’t have that issue although I’m on Windows.

I’ve edited the topic title slightly to reflect your question better.