Cannot minimise/close window in V-ray

As soon as I open the render window for v-ray, there is no way of exiting back to the sketch up model. PLEASE help! I cannot minimise, exit or do anything. I am forced to Force Quit SkechUp entirely

You can toggle back and forth between SU and V-Ray Frame Buffer via the ‘Window’ menu.

You can also drag the corner of the V-Ray Frame Buffer to re-size (you can’t see my mouse cursor but I grabbed the bottom right corner and adjusted from there):

No I cant, it seems that when I am in full-screen mode in SketchUp, and I try open up the V-ray render window, it loses that entire top bar as well as the ability to go back into SketchUp and changing the screen size, even if using Mac Commands I switch back to the SketchUp window.

What happens when you are not in Fullscreen mode?

Sounds like the window isn’t full screen but floating and larger than the screen area.

Hi Lee, did you establish a cause for this as I’m now having the same issue.
Many thanks

Having the exact same issue :cry:

It does work if I use SketchUp not in fullscreen-mode and then open the V-ray render window