Cannot minimise/close window in V-ray

As soon as I open the render window for v-ray, there is no way of exiting back to the sketch up model. PLEASE help! I cannot minimise, exit or do anything. I am forced to Force Quit SkechUp entirely

You can toggle back and forth between SU and V-Ray Frame Buffer via the ‘Window’ menu.

You can also drag the corner of the V-Ray Frame Buffer to re-size (you can’t see my mouse cursor but I grabbed the bottom right corner and adjusted from there):

No I cant, it seems that when I am in full-screen mode in SketchUp, and I try open up the V-ray render window, it loses that entire top bar as well as the ability to go back into SketchUp and changing the screen size, even if using Mac Commands I switch back to the SketchUp window.

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What happens when you are not in Fullscreen mode?

Sounds like the window isn’t full screen but floating and larger than the screen area.

Hi Lee, did you establish a cause for this as I’m now having the same issue.
Many thanks

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Having the exact same issue :cry:

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It does work if I use SketchUp not in fullscreen-mode and then open the V-ray render window

Hi there. I’m having this exact issue and I can’t see that it was ever resolved. I’m really stuck and need to exit hopefully without losing everything I’ve already done I sketchup…

Hi there. Did Lee get back to you on this issue? I’m having the same problem. I can’t get back into sketchup and I really don’t want to force quit and lose everything…

Pressing Cmd ‘W’ sometimes helps

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Same issue, Cmd W like Mike said above works for me.