Unable to determine the original file name

I was just uploading something recently and I suddenly receive this: “Unable to determine the original file name.”

I checked the file name to make sure it’s .skp format, but no avail. How do I solve this?

What is the exact file name? How about sharing the file so we can take a look and see if there’s anything in it that might be causing the problem.

How are you uploading it to the Warehouse?

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Yes, I’m uploading to warehouse like I usually do.

Asterisco+GT+2010s.skp (7.0 MB)
Total Drama Blaineley Car.skp (6.0 MB)

Which is how, exactly?

Well, like simply just uploading any .skp files to 3D Warehouse before this occurs. If that’s the answer to your question.

Asterico… I opened it in SketchUp and purged the unused stuff reducing the file size to 1.4 Mb. Then uploaded it in SU2021. It went just fine after I gave it a title.
Screenshot - 11_19_2021 , 12_22_35 PM

Total Drama car: Same sort of result although nothing to purge fortunately.

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No. That’s not the answer. Are you trying to upload directly from SketchUp or via your internet browser?

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Oh, via Chrome.


Maybe you aren’t uploading the correct files? Are you uploading the .skb files instead?

Well, here they are uploaded to the Warehouse using the 3D Warehouse upload feature in SU2021. Don’t worry. They are locked so no one else can download them. I’ll delete them from my Warehouse account shortly.
Screenshot - 11_19_2021 , 12_29_59 PM

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I see, thanks. So to avoid this from happening again, all I have to do is change the file name and purge and unused stuff, right?
And not upload using any browsers too, right?

If I were to upload more.

You shoulod always purged unused stuff from your models. I’m not sure what was wrong with your file names unless it was the extension. The .skp files upload fine for me.

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