Upload to OneDrive - Input String not in Correct Format

Hi all,

I am currently having issues with uploading models to OneDrive. I was having no issues during previous weeks so unsure what is causing this.

It stops halfway during upload with ‘Input string was not in correct format’.

Can anyone please advise what might be causing this and how I can resolve this?


Are the files saved locally on your computer? Can you upload them to Drop Box or to the 3D Warehouse successfully? Can you share a .skp file that is giving you trouble?

Yes saved locally and I had no issue uploading them to Drop Box yesterday.

Well have you tried uploading to Drop Box today? Did you try sharing the file here on the forum?

Yes, I have tried uploading today to Dropbox and had no issues. Due to it being a workplace project I cannot upload due to confidentiality reasons. I know this doesn’t help the cause, apologies.

Would this be more of a OneDrive issue? It has only just arisen.


I would have to guess it is a OneDrive issue from what you describe.

You are using SketchUp 2017 Make as indicated in your profile? And using it for your work?

Hey Josh,

I have been having the same happen when I have been uploading .mp4 files to OneDrive recently. It seems to have recently started and occurring on a more regular basis.

It seems that most of the time you can simply attempt to upload it again and it will successfully upload. I have noticed it more with files with a - or _ within the file name however it is really odd as to why it will fail then work fine without changing the file name. Changing the file name may be a possible resolve if attempting the re-upload fails.

I came across your post by trying to find the exact cause however looks as though no one else has reported this issue. I may contact Microsoft Support to see if they can shed any light onto the situation.

If I do get around to contacting support and getting a quick response I will update this thread.I hope this response helps and sorry I cannot provide any further info at the moment. This resolve is based solely on my experience and what I have managed to do to get it to upload, by no means is this a guaranteed fix for what you are experiencing.

Kind Regards,