Unable to create group

  1. I’m not able to create a group, which I need before I can tag the parts. I’m selecting 14 components, , select “group”, right click, select “close group”. The entire drawing changes color and there is no bounding box on the components I tried to group.

I don’t know about the Web version, but in the desktop it goes select, right-click, group.

Why do you need to group the components before you can give them a tag. You can give the components a tag without creating a nested group.

Close group won’t create a group. The fact that Close Group shows in the Context menu indicates you have a group open for editing.

Select the components , right click on them and choose Create Group.

(Why do you need to group the components before you can give them a tag.)
I’m following the instructions in the online tutorial. It says to create a tag, the components must be a group. After the tag is created, it can be turned off and on or manipulated as one component.

Your example didn’t work either. They remain individual components.

Upload your .skp file so we have a chance of helping you.

PoleBarn.skp (227.7 KB)
I’m trying to tag the poles.

OK. As I wrote, you could just select the poles and give them a tag but you can select them all and put them inside of group to make a nested group. Then give that group the tag.

Tagging the posts without first grouping them:

To be clear, the reason to put several things into a group is that you want to be able to treat them as a single object. That’s a structural hierarchy concept: these are parts of a larger whole. Certainly, by wrapping them as a group you will be able to apply a tag to the wrapper group and thereby hide them all at the same time because hiding a whole hides all its nested parts. But you can apply the tag to all of them and that will also let you hide all of them simultaneously without them being nested in anything or structured as parts of a larger whole.

The last example worked without creating a group. The menus are different but I have to remember where and when for the left click that completes the process. I appreciate your help Dave. Thank you.

I have a question. Can a component be saved as a single drawing and inserted into a another drawing? Create a library of parts, if you will, and insert each as needed.

You can create a component and upload it to the 3D Warehouse. When you want it later, go get it from the 3D Warehouse to insert into your model.

Outstanding! Have an excellent evening, Dave.

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