Unable to change map type in geolocation

Following along with sketch up for landscape and site design. However, When i go to geolocate I cannot change map type.

I have tried logging in and logging out again. Using SketchupFree on windows 10.

For the free version there is only one map type to choose. You would need SketchUp Pro if you want terrain or aerial imagery. If you’re doing landscape and site design as your work you need SketchUp Pro anyway because the free version is not licensed for that.

Thank you so much!!!

@DaveR is correct. Bu since this is a one-off lesson and is not for commercial purposes, see attached file with GeoLocation added. Note that there are many other parts to the course later on that may be challenging to complete with SketchUp Free…like using extensions for example which is a ‘pro-only’ feature.
CaytonCorner_GeoLocation.skp (2.8 MB)