Un-selectable objects

Is it possible to make objects unable to select?
I mean that you could not select or highlight them and I don’t mean to lock objects.

Group, then tag them ‘unselectable’ and turn it off😀
What’s the use case?

Dear Jack
It is so nice to hear from you.
The thing is that I want to create a model that my students will use for navigation only without the option to select or highlight when they click on objects.

If they aren’t modelling they could use the Viewer application.
Or then you could use a plugin to create a 3D PDF file that can be viewed in Adobe Viewer.

Thanks for your answer @Anssi … It is for teaching them how to use the navigation commands… but without confusing them with object selection.

What version of SketchUp are they using?

Navigation tools, when active, don’t select objects.

sketchp 2021 / 2022

As @Anssi indicated, the navigation tools won’t select anything. I think you need to let them have that capability of selecting objects if they have the right tool. Locking the objects would at least slow them down with modifying or moving them.

You are correct, I would like to give them an exercise on how to navigate with the mouse wheel even when they are using different commands. I thought it would be less confusing for them if they could not be able to select the objects by accident.