Typing measurement text in LO

I am having trouble getting LO to use typed Scale or Point information to manually change the size or position of a shape.
I click on the shape (say, the rectangular frame that templates start with), and the greyed-out “Measurements” edit control changes to “Scale” and becomes editable, but only for the duration of my mouse-down event. As soon as I let go and begin typing, the read-only word “Measurements” appears again, though my text does get entered in the edit control. I have not clicked on the control itself. Then, when I hit Enter, the text “Invalid string” appears.
I’m on Windows 7 and SU/LO 2017.

Hi tmankad, the UI for moving or scaling can be confusing at first as LayOut integrates multiple functions within the Select tool and does not have a separate Move and Scale tool.

Selecting an edge or corner of an object and click dragging enables a Scale as you have described. The UI is indicating what scale the object is being scaled with the transformation but entering a scale occurs after releasing the mouse. The UI is showing you what x and y scale is being applied to the entity but only one value is required to scale the object. For example 1.5 (enter or return) to scale the object. If you want to try a different scale, like .75 enter that value and press enter and the object will change scale… and so on.

When transforming an object from an edge, entering a scale will change the scale in this direction. If a corner is selected both the x and the y direction is scaled proportionally.

Moving behavior works in much of the same way. By click dragging the object you will see the coordinates the object is being moved. Once mouse is released you can enter a value based on the direction you moved the object. For example if I click and drag a square to the right any distance, entering 4 will move the object 4 (units based on my template) in the direction of my mouse. If I am constrained to on the red or green axis it will move the object constrained. If I am moving the object non constrained it will move the object based on the location of my mouse 4 based on the start point.

I can also enter both the x and the y values but again these values are based on the direction of my mouse. So moving the object to the right and down, entering 4,1 will move the object to the right 4 and down 1. I can adjust the location by entering additional values as well. Entering a negative value would move the object in the opposite direction.

I hope this helps.


Hi Trent,
Thanks for your response. The behavior you are describing is indeed what I’m expecting. It’s just that it… doesn’t work.

Here is, I hope, a more precise example:

  1. I create a new document. I select “New” and “Tabloid Landscape.”

  2. I click on the left edge of the rectangular frame, with the left mouse button (I’m on windows 7). The UI shows me the rectangle in red, and the cursor is a small square with a two-way arrow pointing along the x-axis (horizontally). If I keep the left mouse button down, I see a numerical guide saying “1.000, 1.000”, in red.

  3. While the mouse button is down and the cursor is this two-way arrow, the “Measurements” edit control on the bottom right of the application window turns into a “Scale” edit control, and is enabled. As soon as I release the left mouse button, the edit control is grey again and the label says “Measurements”. (The cursor remains an arrow so long as the mouse hovers on the left edge.)

  4. I can type “1.5” either with the mouse pressed or released (edit control enabled or disabled, respectively), and that text appears in the control, but as soon as I click Enter, the box text says “Invalid string”.

Am I choosing the wrong time in this cycle to type the scale I want?


Hi Tanaya, I believe I know what is going on.
By clicking and holding you have highlighted the object but have not defined the action.

1)Click and drag the edge of the rectangle (in either direction) indicating that you want to scale the object in that direction then release.

2)Type in 1.5 or any scale, press enter

This should scale the object.


Wow, that was subtle. But you nailed the problem, thanks!

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