Two versions of SketchUp installed on the same computer

This is my first post so excuse my errors.
Is it possible to have two versions of sketchup on the same computer?
I am using Sketchup 8 pro. I don’t want to loose that one, because I can’t afford to buy a new version,of pro, at this time.
I downloaded sketchup plans to build a tool, from a woodworking site, that I subscribe to,. It was created in a newer version of sketchup so I can’t open the plans with version 8.

Yes. You can install a new version of SketchUp. They won’t interfere with each other.

I have 8 versions installed :smiley: . I’m a plugin developer so I want to be able to try my plugins in multiple versions. I’m really glad a newly installed version doesn’t replace an old one.

Thank you that’s good to know.

for using the same SU revision at one system a virtualized operating system might work, at least for evaluation purposes…