Two color schemes for one interior


I’ve been researching for a while on how to swap between two color schemes on a full interior but haven’t found anything. I need to be able to show a client their house in two different color schemes and this is including the whole interior; furniture, kitchen, bathroom, exterior, etc. Anyone who can help?

Previously when I have done this, I have had the original on one tag and then duplicated everything in the model, changed materials and set it to a second tag. But this just means heavier filer and the project I’ll be doing is on 3 different houses so the file is going to be huge. I was hoping there was a way of applying two different materials on one object and swapping between those?

There is a plugin I use called “material replacer” which will replace one material with another.
You can set up swatches of your materials/colors to one side (to more easily select them rather than poking around in the model) and then click on one color and then click on the color you want to replace it with. It will then change that material throughout the model. While it’s not a “one click” solution it can help with this sort of thing.

Thanks. I’ve downloaded it but it’s not really what I’m looking for. I am doing this job for a company who will present it to the client through another software and it’s to show this company the two different color schemes by an easy ‘one click’ solution as you call it. I think I just found a plugin called Curic Design Option that seems to be doing what I’m looking for.

If you really only need two color schemes and you need a one click solution you could possibly do this using color by tag. You can assign a color or texture to each tag in the tags window by clicking on the color next to the tag and choosing from the material picker as you normally would for the paint bucket. If you have your objects tagged in appropriate groups according to material, then selecting “color by tag” from the upper right menu in the tags window would switch to color scheme 2 in one click.

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