Colour a Group with 2 different colours

Is there a way to have a group coloured twice?

I am designing a floor plan for the Food Processing business that I work for. Certain areas on the floor plan are categorised under 2 different options. What I mean by this is that areas of the facility are designated high or low risk and mean that you need certain PPE to be work in those areas. Say I would like to have these coloured red and blue.

Then, at the same time some of these same areas are categorised for a different reason. Say these need to be coloured Green and Yellow.

Is there a way to have a group coloured twice so that when I want the design to be coloured Red and Blue for one project, But green and Yellow for another project? Tags seem to be the place to have things coloured for one of the projects, but getting that second colour doesnt work with tags…

I’m hoping that makes sense!

Thanks in advance!

Make copies of the groups and tag them differently, then turn on the relevant tags as needed.
So you can create a Green/Yellow scene with those tags visible and the others off and so on.

Thank you!

That works PERFECTLY!

With a ‘normal’ style and with a style that has ‘Color by Tag’ you basically have two options already for a group.
In the first you just color the groups and create a scene, in the second option you color the tags in the Tag panel click on the blue details button and choose ‘Color by Tag’ You can then create another scene and save that style when a message pops up about the change of styles.

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