Color by tag feature enhancement

The colour by tag function can be very useful for renovation work where I would like to quickly show the client what is existing, demolished and new work.

The issue is that the colour by tag feature applies bottom up.
For example the way it currently works is:

  • Take two identical groups of geometry G1 & G2,
  • G1 has Tag A with the tag colour red,
  • G2 is untagged,
  • Group G1 & G2 into a third group and give that group Tag B with the tag colour yellow,
  • Turn on color by tag.
  • G1 will turn red while G2 will turn yellow.
  • So the nested group tag overrides the parent group tag.

This is an issue when using complicated components like doors and windows where tags are useful for controlling the visibility of certain nested geometry like door handles across an entire model.
For the color by tag function to work in this scenario every nested group would need another nested group within it with the correctly coloured tag. This is obviously an inefficient way of achieving the desired outcome when dealing with 20 different doors.

The functionality I would like is:

  • Have a toggle that switches things to a top down functionality where the parent group tag colour overrides all nested group tag colours ( this will still cause problems in the opposite direction however would require less work to make work),
  • Or a better option would be to have the ability to exempt certain tags from the color by tag function. So instead of choosing a tag colour we would effectively choose “no colour” which would mean that a parent group tag colour would override any nested group tag within it.

We see the above functionality in the dashes function, where the parent group tag will override any nested tag with the “default” dash type.
Having the same functionality apply to tag colors would be great.


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