Tutoring in sketchup with a wacom

I am a tutor that uses a Wacom tablet to explain things in 2d figures by drawing free hand (ex. circling, drawing arrows, labeling, etc). Is there a way to get this functionality in Sketchup?

Hello to you, There is a "free-hand’ drawing tool offered in SketchUp, and is in both the free “Make” or the Pro version. I have a Wacom tablet and it takes some time to get used to it with SU, as compared to working with Autodesk`s Sketchbook. I still need to use the mouse with the pen with SU, maybe just me. I think Autodesk functionality is designed to operate with just the pen in mind and SU benefits from a scroll wheel mouse. Threw in a crude picture of the tool, it does try to “clean” your lines up. I need to lay down guide lines with the tape measure tool to get a semi-straight line or trace over and object. Hope this may help you out…Peace…

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