Free hand drawing

Is there a stylus or drawing pad that can draw free hand directly into sketchup. I have some silhouette a anamal drawings I wish to put on sketchup to produce a g code.
I tried scanning in different formats with no success

Some people use various Wacom tablets with SketchUp and like it. Keep in mind that SketchUp approximates curves with straight line segments. that will impact the appearance of the edges you draw no matter what user input device you use.

If the silhouette is a simple image, you could make a PNG with a transparent background and use TIG’s Image Trimmer to automatically create the edges at the borders between transparent and non-transparent pixels. Or Jimhami’s got a tool that will do the same with BMPs and they don’t need to have transparent pixels. Image Trimmer is available from Sketchucation. Jim’s bmp-tracer is [here].(

Hi DaveR,
Thank you for your quick reply,I will have a look at Image trimmer in sketchucation, also Jim’s -bmp tracer
Regards, Henco

Even with a Graphic tablet you’ll get a better result more easily using a 2d program and vector graphics.

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