Turning all hidden lines into solid lines in a polygon



I’m working on head mask and I need to change all hidden lines to solid lines. Manually this will take too long. The smooth slider does not “unsmooth” obtuse angles. Is the an extension out there that will do the job?



You don’t necessarily have to search for a tool that let’s you customize which edges to unhide. Split the task and search a tool for selecting specific edges and one for unhiding.

You can turn on hidden geometry and select the edges using:

  • Select tool and clicking on each edge individually or drawing a selection reacangle
  • Eraser + ctrl + shift and drag over the edges to select all under the cursor
  • Extensions like Selection Toys

Then uncheck the “hidden” checkbox in Entity Info.


Thanks but I’m using that, its the manual technique I was referring to and it is far too slow. A polygon with 100 edges takes too much time with Ctrl+Shift+eraser. Ctrl+A or triple click does not extend further than the line under the cursor.



Have you tried moving the slider all the way to the left?
Here are 150 fairly obtuse edges.

Also, why is this in the Dynamic Component Category? If you are using Make you are unable to create dynamic components.


Yes I tried the slider all the way to the left and all that happened is the eyebrows became solid lines. The rest of the mask remained hidden lines

See attachment

mask 155k face.skp (150 KB)


None of those ‘hidden-edges’ are ‘smoothed’.
They are actually ‘hidden’.

To fix it…
Switch View > Hidden Geometry > ON [so you can see everything…]
Select All > Context-menu > Unhide.

All edges should now appear ‘solid’.

If any of the object’s edges were actually ‘smoothed’ then the previous advice about to do the ‘un-smooth’ would be useful…


Yes that worked, thanks. I’m still disappointed that the slider did not work. But thanks I have your solution to work with



It works with smoothed edges, not hidden ones.