Turbo-Jet Engine



Nice and clean…

What renderer did you use?


I think this OP might be very interested in how you did the blades!


Pardon my ignorance, but… What’s an OP?
Thanks for the referral.


Original poster.


Took me a while to work it out, too, the first time I saw the abbreviation.


So, yeah, how’d you pull that off? Not the rendering, I mean, just the blades themselves…


I used KerkyThea with direct sunlight and the Metropolis Light Transport (MLT) algorithm.

This is all your fault, @franquin. After your questions about modeling blades, I couldn’t quit doodling with different approaches. I created two airfoil shapes and used Spirix to morph one into the other. Here’s a video of the process:


I don’t know whether to take the blame or the credit…


Some random blade shapes made from the same two profiles using differing interpolations:

Possibly a bit overkill on the polygons (but it renders nicely):


I love people that share like that. Nice work.


Brilliant work Man!


Very cool!! But I have been trying to get models from Sketch Up to Solid Works, and although it will come into Solid Works it is just a pretty photo you can’t snap on anything.
Any suggestions?