Tufting with native tools?

Model is still a mess, but still a practice piece only.

tete a tete.skp (3.0 MB)

I’m on iPad, so native tools only… is there a way to get a good tufted look? Four buttons sunken, dragging the ‘foam’ down into the cavity?

Dave R did this video for Fine Woodworking. You could try a trial 14-day subscription to view it and other Design, Click and Build videos. He used one non-native tool called soap and bubbles. I have not gotten far enough in my knowledge to attempt it. Modeling upholstered cushions in SketchUp - FineWoodworking



Thanks for suggesting that although it won’t help Dani since it uses extensions.

The blog is available without a subscription or even a trial.

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Anyway, it’s interesting to watch it. I’ve viewed it a couple of times. It has tips like how to use components to replace existing components. I’ll have to try that.

Uh … Bookmarking this


You could fake it if that’s OK.

Draw circles for the buttons, use Offset to make some rings around the button, use Push/Pull to push the innermost ring down.

Use Move to move theouter limit of the shallow groove down to the bottom of the groove.

Soften the edges.

This could be refined further with more rings and they wouldn’t all need to be the same width.

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With the… Soften eraser?

Yes indeed!

I never realized that it would change the shading to that effect. I thought it just made the line non-visible.

You can also use simple curves and stitching. I don’t normally make gifs using redo, but with the stitching it was easier. I’ve just joined the vertices of the curves.


It does create some different shading effects.

If you hide the outer edges instead of softening them you get this:

Or make another circle outside, soften the edge of the slope and hide the outer one.


This is insane, stitching from scratch, but somehow still less complicated than all the follow me things I was trying.

I can see that I have some experimentation to do with the soften tool.

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Soften smooth can make lots of ‘rough’ things look good. Here’s an option for controlling folding. By joining the dots you can control the shape, autofold would make a mess of this.
Rough tuft