Challenge accepted - how you might make a cartoon tyre with native tools

Curious. I have another practice model going in my style (toony/organic… I believe it has also been referred to as ‘low-poly’ though it is not) and the tyres are giving me some trouble.

Here is a screenshot of the two that I have have not erased because they’re not ‘terrible’.

And a separate of the quick line work I drew to keep myself on model… (plus a Disney screencap)

Here is s the model -
Toon trailer.skp (758.4 KB)

If anyone is interested in playing/ teaching, how might you go about getting a decent style tire like the illustration using only native tools?

((And then for bonus, because I am not actually limited to native tools despite my stubbornness) how might you go about it in pro with extensions))


Who wouldn’t love this! Might have to take a play at it as time allows. Your question about plugins for me would probably be QuadFace Tools, VertexTools and SubD… :+1: :crazy_face:

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testing MPEG


Excellent. Very similar to what I did first, only so much more efficiently, and you managed to get the patch, which I didn’t do because I stupidly started with a dynamic component sphere….

Here’s where I landed before moving on to work on the rest of the model, but I’m still not completely happy with it.