TT_Lib² Not working

every time open a new skp file it works fine, but whenever i open that file a second time it always says TT_Lib² not installed and then i cant see the edge tools or Cleanup3 in the file. what should i do, i’ve tried unistalling and reinstalling it but nothing works.

Are you still running SketchUp Pro 2014 ?

If so, what is the exact version ? (from menu: Help > About SketchUp)

Do you open the SKP file the second time by double-clicking the file ?
… or do you open SketchUp first, and use the recent link on the File menu ?

yes i am using sketchup 14.0.4900

i double click on it to open it.

i tried it the other way and it worked,but still why is it happening when i double click it.?

This is to do with the way you have previously installed SketchUp.

If you did not select the SketchUp-installer exe’s icon and right-click and choose ‘run as administrator’, then you can get permission issues, even if you yourself have ‘admin-powers’.

Can you reinstall SketchUp this way ?

If not, then try this: find the main SketchUp.exe in the Program Files subfolders…and right-click it > Properties > Compatibility > Always run this program as an administrator…

Any help ?

can’t reinstall it now, but tried the other way, it didn’t work, its fine though at least there is one way it can work out. thanks for your help.

If you have SketchUp Pro I recommend you update to the latest version of SketchUp 2014:

It could also be worth updating TT_Lib² itself. I’ve been seeing a complaint from it, about how core.rb can’t work unless I update TT_Lib². I did that, and the complaints have gone away now.

Agree, which is why I asked what exact version was running, ie:

SketchUp API Release Notes, says:

What’s new in SketchUp 2014 M1

  • Fixed an issue where launching SketchUp by double-clicking a skp file on another drive would corrupt $LOAD_PATH and render the Standard Library inaccessible. This bug caused many people to run into plugin loading problems if they were opening files located on drives other than their “C:” drive.