Trying to print 'Layers' in Layout

Trying to print the multiple layers I create to pdf. I thought I was able to print/generate a pdf with ‘layers’ on separate pages in one file. I have tried “Export” and “Print” to pdf, but all I get is one page with all the ‘visually’ activated layers on the one page. I really want to have all ‘layers’ of a ‘page’ on separate pages in one pdf file. file Been working this for a couple days with no success. I may have misunderstood… (Do I have to print/pdf one layer at a time? Doable, just a real pain in the ars to bring it all back together after.)

I have been learning through stumbling with Sketchup for 4 months…

Thank you.

You clearly have a misunderstanding of what “Create PDF layers …” is supposed to do. What it is supposed to do, and does, is create layers in the PDF file. Here’s an example.

You can then choose in the PDF which layers are visible and which are not.

There isn’t a direct export option for that sort of thing. Make pages in your document onto which you can copy and paste the elements of just one layer. Make one page for each layer. Then when you export you’ll get what you are after.

I’m really curious about how you will use that export once you’ve made it. I wonder if there’s a different approach that might make more sense.

Why would you do that. There’s plenty of help available. You could start with the SketchUp and LayOut tutorials at as well as the videos on the SketchUp YouTube channel.

DaveR…Thanks for replying. Don’t get me wrong…I did review some tutorials and some reading… have never used CAD style/type software big learning curve in the understanding. (I know I am not using the software as efficiently as possible, but don’t have the luxury to “crawl, walk, run”.

Homeowner of a 125-year-old home and needing to make blueprints for it, b/c none exist. Blueprints needed for structural repairs and so on.

I envisioned, a base page, and the layers as transparencies. Sliding combination of layers creating any given configuration. Was actually going print the layers on clear film or thin paper.

As you can see, on the right-hand side, the various layers with any configuration creating a new blueprint.

It that’s all you want to do export the PDF and then in Adobe Reader or Acrobat, turn off the layers you don’t want to print. Print the layers you do want. Then change the visible layers and print again.

You could also duplicate the page in LayOut and turn on or off the different layers for each page. Layer visibility is a per page setting. Then export to PDF and print it as needed.

There where the problem lies, it only generates one page in the file with (all) visible layers on the page…

But you can turn them on or off in Adobe Reader like I showed.


I was unaware of the in Adobe… I was looking for multiple “pages.” As you can tell, not that fluent in Adobe either.

Like I said, learn thru stumbling…

Thank you Dave…

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If you have to submit those drawings for your work to the local municipality, they may not care for the transparency idea. If you run into problems, be sure to ask questions of them on how they want the information presented. We can help you get that done. I promise it’s easier than you may think.

Thank you for the advice.