Single Layer PDF Export


Is there a way to do Single Layer PDF Exports of the whole set ?
I have 19 different drawings and exporting them one by one seems long winded.
The planning authority will not accept multi layer PDF’s


What happens if you untick the box for Create PDF Layers from LayOut Layers?


I’m on a Mac so it hasn’t got those options, I can export JPG’s as separate drawings but not PDF’s


When I say layer I mean page
I have 19 A3’s in a document and want to individually export the drawings like it does when you export them as jpg’s


Layers and pages are two very different things. There isn’t a way currently to export as single pdf files automatically.


Export the multi page PDF and open it in Preview…

Set the View to show Thumbnails and then drag those one at a time onto any destination folder…

this will split the PDF into files named your_filename (dragged) 1.pdf, your_filename (dragged) 2.pdf, etc…

you can use Automator to rename them or do it manually if you prefer