Layout doesn't create PDF Layers

Layout doesn’t create PDF Layers from Layout Layers, even if the option exists in the PDF export settings.

Sorry, it seems I’m wrong. It does export.

Que raro, puedes enviar el archivo para revisarlo y ver si se puede hacer en mi máquina?

I was wrong. Windows restart fixed it.

Is there any way to create PDF layers when exporting from a Mac? Any third party software able to extract them from a mac PDF export?

Found out how to get PDF layers on Mac with third party app. Open the PDF exported from Layout in Affinity Designer and then create layers there and re-export as PDF. It seems crazy that the Mac version of Layout does not have this function as per the Windows version.

I also tried that, but unfortunately texts aren’t in the right place when I open a PDF from Layout in Affinity. I think it’s because I’ve got some custom font types.

I will try some different settings.

A question for you: you can’t export layers because you don’t have the tick box as an option? Or you have it but it doesn’t work?

I don’t have it as an option when I go to export as a PDF. I always assumed it just wasn’t available on the Mac version of Layout.