Trying to intersect - and failing!

Hi all - I hardly use Sketchup so please go easy with me and explain like to a child!

I’m using the free online app (and have the 2017/free desktop version) to create what should be a really simple model, but I just cannot work out how to get the intersect command working for me. All I need to do is notch out (subtract) the 6 corners of the sheets where the battens are in the screenshot. I’ve tried selecting faces in various orders, double-clicking to edit a batten then select all, then intersect with model and selection, but I haven’t even got part of the way there - nothing I’ve tried does the job, all I end up with are lines where the intersections are - I can delete the lines but not the corner faces - I expect I’m doing something simple/fundementally wrong!

Could someone please explain the sequence of actions to subtract the corners?

Many thanks, Nige

Hard to tell exactly what you’ve got based on just your screenshot. If the panels are components separate from the rails, open one of the components for editing, use the Rectangle or Line tool to trace the rail onto the face of the panel, use Push/Pull to push away the waste.

Skip Intersect Faces altogether.

Thank you Dave…they are components. I think I tried that but clearly not in the right way…will have another go shortly. Cheers

Thanks again Dave, that was much simpler!

But can you tell me, when would you use intersect instead of just outline the cut and push out the waste?

Good deal.

I would use Intersect Faces when the shapes are more complex and It would take more than a simple rectangle to outline the cut or Push/Pull wouldn’t work. For example Intersect Faces could be used on the seat and back slats where the armrests pass through them. It could also be used for creating the top edge of the top back slat.

Garden Chair by Michael Fortune

FWIW there are other options for that, too. One that is my usual choice is Bool Tools 2 (which will also work in SU2017 Make) to use one object to trim another.

A couple of things to keep in mind when using intersect. You need to select the actual faces that you want to cut, so you need to open for edit the correct component and use its faces to intersect with, in this case Model, so that it creates edges in the correct context.
Also, intersect doesn’t really work when the faces are in the same plane, they need to pass through a face to work correctly.
So as you see in this gif, 3 instances of a component and 1 of another, I open one instance and triple click to select all, I could have just selected the back face, then intersect with Model.
This doesn’t produce any edges on the front face as those two faces are in the same plane, but it does produce them on the back face because it passes though it.
GIF 3-04-2024 2-11-04 PM