Trying to download program from extension warehouse

I get this message every time I try to download from the extension Warehouse "Something went wrong during the authentication process.
Please contact system administrator. Reference ID: bba8e768-8671-474b-be1d-ad0700cb06bf ". So I can’t download any programs or models from the Sketch up Warehouse. What should I do. I have licensed copy of Skecthup Pro 2016.

I’m sure you will love karen forever but that doesn’t tell us what graphic card you have, please fill that in to enable us to answer your future questions better.

As to your problem one first thing to try.
On the bottom left of the SU window is a button with a little man shape, this is the login button. Click this to log out then again to log back in.

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Thanks, I figured that out totally by chance.Paul

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