How do I download extensions from the Extension Warehouse?

How do I download extensions

What do you mean it’s not working? Please be specific.

Maybe it is because you have no graphics car or operating system.

If that information is incorrect, please update your profile with the correct information. Also please include the SketchUp version number.

Yeah, both your threads are meaningless

Give us a chance to help you by providing as much information as possible…

I’m sorry I am a complete newbie. I know nothing about anything. Could you explain your responses to me?


(1) Read this “howto” thread to find information about your computer:

(2) THEN, go to your user preferences account settings:

… and properly fill in the 3 computer questions, using information gotten by following the “howto” (above).

Click the big red download button.

Mr eneroth3 I am sure you realise that if that worked I would use it.

As it is, that doesn’t work

Ms jbraun: I am sure you realize that if it doesn’t work you need to say that and say what happens instead.


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