Trying to attribute an option to apply different options of mouldings to a dynamic block of a door

I’m making a dynamic component of a door.

I’d like to add the capability to choose between different options of moulding designs and sizes.

Can you help me with that, please? I appreciate it.


DYNAMIC DOOR.skp (633.5 KB)

as noted in your desired to flip 2D/3D perspectives, you might have a component with the 2D view and a placeholder component for a 3D door. the reason i suggest this is because the component will become complex with a lot of variations, so maybe one answer is to replace the placeholder component with the door + trim + options etc after sizing, naming, putting the component into place. this would give you a lot of options for doors while having the component having the 2D/3D switching.

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Hi Glenn, thanks for your answer. I’ll try to implement this