I have a door block with 2D / 3D visualization op

I’m making a dynamic component of a door. I made an option to make it visible in 2D, as a plan view, and in 3D.
But I’d like to make this option scene dependent, I mean, this option can be turned 2D or 3D independently for each scene.
As it is, if I choose 2D, for instance, it shows as a plan view in all the scenes, and when I change to 3D, it automatically changes in all the scenes too.

Is it possible to have this control?


DYNAMIC DOOR.skp (633.5 KB)

usually you’d have 2 components - a door symbol for 2D and the door as a 3D for elevations and sections etc etc. typically a 2D symbol(s) has several variations of door types (although we’ll presume you mean a door for room entries or exterior entries) and closed open w/ swing. the 3D variant could be almost anything depending on the amount of detail needed to visualize it. Also, depending on the visualization, you might only have a single surface object to avoid complex objects when (say) rendering.

so basically you’d activate the 2D view object and hide the 3D object when in plan view, and vice versa in 3D view.

probably a simple Ruby script could activate the 2D/3D or possibly, if there is some SU event or an observer to react to the perspective/parallel change, it could run the script.


I would think you could do that with just Tags. You can even do that with a non-Dynamic component with just Tags. Within the component itself, the various sub-parts like the 2D version can be set to a tag that’s controlled by scene management.


Good call. That worked like as I expected.

Thanks RTCool, that did the trick

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