2D door symbol for plans

I wonder if there is an extension that does something that those of us in building design have to do every day?

When producing 2D plans (something that will be with us for a long time yet), we need to show symbolic doors and door swings. There are many styles, but in essence it consists of a frame, a door, and a notional swing. It’s easy enough to make a component and not too hard to make a Dynamic Component, but I am imagining something that goes a little further. The basic parameters required are these:

•	Origin point
•	Destination point
•	Orientation

As example, taking an opening in a wall that appears horizontal on screen, you click bottom left to establish the origin point. A ghost image of a default component appears. Let’s say that is hinged left with door/swing to top of opening on screen. It rotates according to where you place your second point. Let’s say bottom right. That establishes size. If it is what you want at this point, you hit Enter to finish. Alternatively, you click to the right of the component and the door gets hinged right. Enter to finish. If you wanted the door to open “downwards”, you would simply choose top right and top left as your first two clicks. This would enable you to draw any one of the four possible arrangements (in/out; left/right) for any width of opening with three clicks.

Sounds like it could be @curic4su territory…

Here is a DC I made that does some of what I am after. It allows for any width of opening but then you have to flip it to do the rest.
Internal door (DC).skp (81.2 KB)

And here is a visual representation of what I describe above:

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I have some of the same ideas as you for the door-window tool.
Currently, this is how I do it: using Dynamic Component for sizing (scale tool) with Curic Mirror and Align.

Door/window collection I’m using: 2020 - Doors & Windows Dynamic Components | 3D Warehouse

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This should be like tools we have in 2d CAD. You insert a door, and just moving the cursor it flips back and forth or to the other side of the wall. It would automatically cut the wall. It could have a preset default distance from the corner and can also be aligned with other elements by center. It would naturally be set at floor level. Curic’s approach looks good.

Good ideas. Nonetheless I personally haven’t looked at all the extensions already available.


I add the door swing as a dynamic component to my door components, slightly above floor level to avoid visibility problems in LayOut. I use a separate tag for all these and other annotation objects intended to be visible only on plan views.