Trust an extension

Can an unsigned extension be trusted from the Extension Warehouse?

I’ve never seen one that couldn’t be trusted. What extension are you referring to?

First off I am new to SketchUp. when I downloaded the Eneroth Face Creator the manager asked me if I should trust it because it is unsigned. Around the time I was using it my model crashed, I think it was one step before!

If SketchUp crashed it’s not because an extension is unsigned. And you can certainly trust the extensions by Eneroth.

Did SketchUp actually crash? Did you get a Bug Splat? Or did something else hap pen?Perhaps you could share the file and we can give you an idea of what might have caused the problem.

What version of SketchUp are you actually using? Your profile says SketchUp Free however there’s no facility in Sketchup Free to use extensions regardless of whether they are listed as signed or not.

I should have been more specific. I am using SketchUp make 2017. I went from free to 2017 specifically to use extensions. ultimately I would like to use the animator tool. so now I should find out about how to share a file.
Appreciate your interest in helping me.

Provided that you always download your extensions’ RBZ files [or install them directly] from a “trusted source”, then the status of the file’s ‘signature’ has always been somewhat of a false comfort.***
If you set your Extension Manager > Loading Policy to ‘Unrestricted’ there will be no prompts - you also need to do this when writing your own code as it will be, by its very nature ‘unsigned’.
“Trusted sources” include the SketchUp EWH and also established developers’ own web-sites, and the PluginStore at SketchUcation - where several authors, such as myself and Fredo, host their extensions in preference to the EWH…

As @eneroth3 has pointed out in a parallel thread it’s easy enough to circumvent the signing process, if your intention is malicious then you can always find a way…

PS: If you want Fredo’s Animator extension get it from the SketchUcation PluginStore - and remember most of Fredo’s extensions need his LibFredo installing too - it also available from the PluginStore…

Thank you for your reply. Because I am new I have no way of knowing who is a trusted developer so I will start using the PluginStore at SketchUcation In the future for extensions. As @eneroth3 points out we live in an imperfect world.

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