Truncate extrusion at an angle

Hi. I am trying to truncate an extrusion (at an angle of ten degrees) of a train track rail to construct a set of points. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

We are very visual people around here, give us something to go on, an Image at the very least, better still an image and the model so we can see what you’ve got and what you need to do.
From your description I’m just getting images of a moustachio’d villain tying a woman to the tracks with the intention of making her somewhat truncated.

Thanks. I realised that my description was deficient, so I added a screen grab. Cheers

Ah an image as I was posting.
Open the Track group for editing, select the geometry within and Intersect Faces with Model, should give you the cut lines you need.

Thanks. Will do.

Or if you are using pro, and assuming the track is a solid, use a block to Solid Subtract from it.


Thanks for you help. After a couple of attempts, mainly getting the rail long enough, it worked.

Shame about the lockdown at the moment, I’m not far up the road from you. Just up the M1 at Brooklyn.

The one thing good about it is that I am learning a lot about Sketchup. I do a great deal of 2D work and have not really tried anything with the extra dimension except for isometric, flat perspective. The traditional school Technical Drawing, but using CAD. Since I don’t have access to my Men’s Shed due to the lockdown I decided to design a new model train setup. I wanted to go from the flat to the 3D - just kept on finding problems and solving them. A very good learning process that I wouldn’t have time for otherwise.
Cheers “Box”.

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