Help with bending a component

I already have “Truebend” but for what I need it doesn’t work well. I am preparing to build a “G Gauge” model train layout based on an actual yard and sawmill where I live. I am dealing with around two miles of track in one direction and about a mile in the other direction. I have developed a full-scale cross section of track in Sketchup
2022. I also have the mainline (two-mile section) but there are several curves and grade changes in it along with a river crossing. I would like to be able to pin down one end and as i place the track (which is a single group two miles long) on the center line pin it to the centerline like pinning down a piece of boiled spaghetti. Once down I could freeze it in place so it becomes part of the underlying terrain. Any Ideas?? George

Maybe you can use Profile Builder 3 for the railing assemblyes.

I would be inclined to try a series of single lines or arcs representing the bottom centreline of the track.

“Lay” the centreline (or track edge) one side of the track a section at a time.

Offset by the the distance between the track centrelines, then use Eneroth’s Upright Extruder extension to create the rails.

And maybe use Profile Builder to lay the sleepers, or Copy Along Path.

Should be easier than trying to bend an assembled pair of tracks and sleepers.

At some point - perhaps when you have just two lines - drape them onto the terrain.

I think I am using the wrong program. There is a sketchup like program called SCARM that is designed for doing the layout work for you. Thanks for your help.

I wouldn’t have said it is “SketchUp like” but it is excellent for planning your model railway. I’ve used it for just that purpose.

As a Civil Engineer and having used Sketchup for countless strange applications and many projects, I would agree that “SketchUp like” was a poor comparison.