Truebend Plugin

Can anyone offer some direction in regards to using either a measurement or radius when using Truebend. So far it only is allowing the angle of the object. Is there a way to insert a measurement or radius of the bend required.

What measurement do you want? See the documentation here: GitHub - thomthom/true-bend: Bends instance to a given degree or radius, preserving the original length.

The bend distance would be a big help. Are you able to enter that.

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Did you scroll to the bottom of the page at the link I provided?

Yes. It says you can amend the default to allow for a bend measurement but I didn’t see anything on how to make the amendment.

When you are bending the object type the bend distance including the units.

By default the VCB accept bend angle. But you can switch to other modes by appending a unit type:

  • Angle Input: 45deg
  • Segment Count: 8s
  • Bend Distance: 500mm
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I tried that. The bend measurement is ‘7.5. I tried putting in 7.5” but it doesn’t register it goes back to the angle number

Upload your .skp file so I can see what you’re working with.

Arches and Curved Stairs.skp

Hi Dave I finally got it too work as far as entering a bend curve measurement. Not sure how they determine the bend curve dimension.

I still find it hard to get accurate when trying to bend wood panelling or wood trim with True Bend. I have to adjust once the panel is in place which takes time. Flowify looks to be a better option for curved wood panelling and moldings.

The location of the component axis will affect the final outcome.

It has too be parallel with red axes. Are you referring to were the green axis is in relation to the component

Front to rear along the green axis.

Thanks very much for passing that along. A big help.

Have a good evening.

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Hi Dave

Are you able to identify the plugin in the attached screenshot. They used this in a how to video on bending stairs but did not name the plugin. Its from the YouTube Tutorial Series.

screen shot       for bending objects.png

That’s Radial Bend in FredoScale which is available from Sketchucation.