Truebend axis

I am try to bend an extruded railway line. I only get the bend points on the line profile not the length. Can anyone assist with this.

Truebend only works aligned to the red axis. So your track should be a group created running left to right. You can’t move it to the position, you need it to be grouped while in that position. That can mean just adding an edge and grouping that with a track component. Then after the bend you can explode it and delete the extra edge.

Thanks again Box

look at the tutorial I did on TRUEBEND, I explain a lot of things on its use. Like changing the bending axes for example.
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I’m not sure that will help you but …

If it can help you

Chris Fullmer: Shape Bender


PS (update) … another tool (from @eneroth3)
Eneroth Railroad System