Trouble Subtracting Solids



I downloaded a model of a woman’s torso from the 3d warehouse and I am trying to make rectangular indents into the top of it.
Here is a picture of it:

For some of the tall solid pieces, when I subtract them from the torso it makes the torso no longer a solid. How do I prevent this from happening or subtract every tall piece from the torso at once?


An example of the indent I am trying to make is under the breast.


The most likely reason is the tiny face issue. If edges are so small that SU thinks their vertices are coincident then it fails to form faces. The mesh of the torso is probably very complex to make it so smooth so no doubt there are very small edges involved.
You may be able to solve your problem by using the Dave Method but quite often with such organic models you still need to go through and find the tiny holes and fix them manually.


Hello, I never use solid tools as I find them randomly ‘buggy’ (personal choice)… I rather intersect “manually”, and you can do them all at once

You will need to explode both your solid pieces and torso if they are grouped and then manually delete the unwanted geometry after intersection.


Why explode all of the groups? There’s no need to do that if it’s going to be grouped again.


if the torso isn’t exploded, the intersection will just draw the outline of the instersection. If the boxes aren’t exploded, the intersection will work but you will just have an empty hole, being able to see the inside of the torso.

With this method you keep the inner part of the boxes and I believe that is what @tjsamo wants, when I see the first hole he created


Copy the ‘Holes’ into the torso context before doing the intersect.


You don’t need to explode the torso to do that, though. Cut and Paste in place.


I’m trying to explain that none of the geometry should be grouped while you intersect. Wether the torso remains a group or not is not the point ! whatever…


Sorry Paul but we are both simply pointing out that the torso should remain grouped. By copying the geometry of the blocks into the context of the group while open for editing there is no reason to explode. This would be more relevant if the torso was a component and there were several copies that would all be edited, which wouldn’t happen if you had exploded the geometry.


You can group geometry which is not connected but forms separate groups as one. These are considered as a solid and can be used to do the subtract action:

If you already have separate groups, select them, explode and group while still selected:


This method worked, thanks.


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