Trouble importing a DWG into SKP 18

Hi! I have a dwg that is not importing all the data into sketchup… it is a topo map but imports looks like this!

To what do you have the units set in the import options?

Can you share the DWG so we can see what you’re working with?

I had model units selected i think… Not sure what to pick. I think I am attaching the drawing here (you meant the dwg right?) … S64-18554 BASE2013.dwg (1.7 MB)

When I don’t know for things like this, I typically select Meters. The model can easily be corrected afterward. It appears there’s a lot of ignore stuff. I suspect some of the missing stuff is included there and needs to be dealt with in AutoCAD or similar.

I opened the DWG in DraftSight, selected all, and exploded. After saving the changes to the DWG and importing into SketchUp, I see this:


Draftsight!? Paid ? Free? do you recommend it?

Free. I don’t know that it’s better than other options. I only use it once in awhile for stuff like this.

Gotcha, do you put it on a MAC? (which is what i run… ) I am not really wanting to add anything else to my systems but good to know that works.

I’m using it on a PC. Haven’t looked into running it on a Mac but there’s probably an alternative out there.

I reduced the overall height a bit to make it easier to work with.
S64_18554 BASE2013.skp (652.4 KB)

Good news, there is a Mac version and it’s free, for now. Bad news, the PC version is going to paid only. Their verbiage on their site ONLY mentions the PC version. No idea what their plans for the Mac and Linux versions are. It’s a good Acad LT alternative.

Thanks Dave! I will go searching for an appropriate Mac solution. In the meantime would you mind saving it as v18 for me? ( If not, no problem, I can get a colleague to do it too…) Thank you SOO much…

Here it is for SU18.
S64_18554 BASE2013.skp (651.0 KB)

I wish you’d finally complete your profile with the SketchUp version. If I’d been able to see it in your profile, I would have saved it as 2018 to start.

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Done! Profile updated… thank you Dave!!!

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Perhaps it’s because the Win 64-bit version is the only version out of beta.
DraftSight 2019 for Windows 32-bit, Mac, Fedora and Ubuntu are all still in beta.


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I have been using Draftsight on a Mac for years and it has always been in beta so that probably won’t change. Given that it’s free, it is pretty amazing but it is essentially an AC clone and so always a few steps behind what it shadows. Like @DaveR, I now only use it occasionally for doing just this sort of thing, so I am not as up to date with it as I used to be.

That could be it. I see that they are going subscription :frowning: What a shame.

Looking at the ignored list in Dave’ screenshot
makes me suspect that the topo has been created with a third party AutoCad add-on like AutoCad Civil 3D. If you have access to the original software it would probably help to use the available “Export to AutoCad” funcion to create a version of the file where the special objects created by the extension have been replaced with standard AutoCad objects.
I didn’t know that Draftsight too seems to have the ability to convert those proxies into lines etc.