Trouble getting a plug-in to load


Hi I can’t get a plug-in to load it’s for Luemen rt from Bentley. I cane see it in the plug-in folder when in windows but it does not show when in Sketch-up 2018 pro any ideas?

Dan Martin


What folder? AppData/Users/etc. ?
I think it needs to be in the ProgramFiles/SketchUp/SketchUp 2018/Plugin folder.
Check here:


The plug-in gets installed when installing Lumen rt


That’s were it’s installed


Did you close SketchUp first?
It is best practice to install with right-clicking on the installer file and choose ‘run as administrator’

Did you get to choose which versions of SketchUp to install?


Yes I get to install the version and Sketch-up was closed when the plug -in was installed


Have you checked the toolbar in View->Toolbars, maybe it is hidden somewere?

Maybe there is a firewall or antivirus software that ‘capsules’ the extensions software.

Note: these are all, not specific clues as to install extensions like these.
Perhaps their community knows more (link in previous post)