Trouble aligning components

I made no changes to the file apart from moving things, so it was whatever the size was that you uploaded. I don’t have it anymore to check. I also didn’t check the components.
Make sure that you have components and not groups. For example, If all the corner pieces are the same they should all be instances of one component, not copies of one group. So work out the minimum number of actual unique components needed and copy them. From memory there may only be 4 unique shapes, two truss sections (the vertical may be longer or shorter than the horizontal), one corner, one T section.
I’m sure you get my meaning.
If you have the pieces in the component browser, just add them as needed.
By setting their insertion point correctly you should be able to select one and snap it straight into place.

Hi fusion, can i give you a tip. I created a library of trusses, all my truss have line inside the tube on a layer called Guide or LW for line work. The tubing itself is on a layer called Tube. When I assembly them, i switch off the tube layer and I simply align the line together. Its super quick and snap very well. If you need, ill do a vid demonstration. Let me know.


That sounds great. Thanks.