Trouble Accessing the Sketchup Pro I purchased

I purchased Sketchup Pro 2021 version and installed it. After install, it strangley prompted me to start trial, so now I’m locked into the trial version of what I paid for. My confirmation emails for the purchase did not include a serial number. Does anyone have a suggestion for how to access the Pro version I have purchased? Or is there an actual helpful customer service phone number or way to contact a sketchup customer service agent? This is extremely frustrating. Thanks

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Presumably you purchased the subscription license since that’s all that is available now. There is no serial number needed or sent. You sign into SketchUp with the e-mail address and password you used when you purchased it. When you fitrst open SU2021 it should give you an option to sign in. Otherwise click on the Help menu and choose the Manage License option.

I checked, and things look ok with your subscription. Make sure you are signing in with the same email address you use in the forum. Also, if you are using the Sign in with Apple option, and chose to hide your email, that will then seem like you are a different person. Sign in with your Yahoo email address, either as a Trimble ID sign in, or with the Sign in with Google option, if you do use that email with Google products.

‘Because in your case, it is the same email that you used to buy’, I would add :slight_smile:

Yes, what Mike said. As the email you use in the forum is also the one that your subscription is assigned to, you will be using the same email address. Often people use an email in the forum that is not the same as the one their subscription is under.

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