Trimble Connect Visualizer - white output bug?

Continuing the discussion from SKU 2023.1 Release:

you need to give more time to the forum to process your screenshots if you provided some, we can’t see them :slight_smile:
can you share the file so we can try on our site with TCV ?

I’m answering in this separate topic so it doesn’t get lost in the 2023.1 messages.

Not to be in any way negative, but it would help if the OP had at some stage attached, pasted or uploaded the screenshots. They don’t appear to be hanging loose anywhere.

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or even better, a file :slight_smile:

Also, I added a link to the original message with preview, so we can see her original text.

the “answer by creating a new topic” didn’t do it by default :slight_smile:

you are also mac user? in you case TV works? I mean output :slight_smile: & what screenshot you want to see? I wrote there are nothing to see, I onle ask some people who are mac users, to try TV output if it work in their case, it was better if you wrote if TV works on your macbook or no

I’m a mac user, TCV works fine, I used it this morning on my mac mini.

Could you share the file that doesn’t work please ? so I can try on my end?

this is output from TV, I also upload file, I try 5-6 file, the result is the same
TVT.skp (196.7 KB)


have you tried the classic solutions ? uninstall / reinstall the extension ? check for updates from sketchup and mac os ?

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when render on TCV everything ok, but on output there is problem, and on output png I see white page

I reinstall & install again extension & it helps, field of view & motion blur works weird, it seen on output vey strange and very blur, but it helps, thanks

when you answering something, it will better at first read & understand what you answering, & some cases better sit quietly.
I’m not create this topic, I ask in another topic only MAC users to try TCV in their end, because in my case output was only white screen & I try it on 5-6 files, & how you profile says you are not

  1. mac user
  2. you not wrote on your answer something smart & usefull, so sit on your BOX quietly, without any negative

wow wow wow chill.

When I read your original message, from the way you cut the sentences, I thought you were trying to show images. and so did Box. and again when you mentioned making screenshots.

Box had a point, attaching screenshots or files could have helped. I asked the same and you provided them, without getting mad at me. Look, it’s in my first message, the first sentence, I too thought you had image problems in your post.

you didn’t ask for mac users. You asked if anyone had the same issue. Besides, knowing if a bug is only on one platform or on both is valuable information.

it’s always smart and useful to provide either screenshots or files (or both) when asking for help with a bug.

Yeah, well, since I too don’t have anything smart or useful to say on this, I’ll go join Box and sit quietly in another corner of the forum.

its funny, screenshot of empty, white spaces,
and I must upload 5-6 files ? :))))
I wrote, I’m mac user and if other users had this issue, maybe that case its bug,
or maybe I did something wrong, you wrote uninstall and reinstall exstanshuon & it helps.
you dont know what thinks box & assume you are not his lawer,
so he answers by himself,
to have good SU skills It does not speak about a person in any way, a person is determined by his behavior and his words. If only you knew this

you’re right.

judging by your words and behaviour, I don’t think you’re a good person. regardless of your SU skills.
I’ll ignore you from now on.

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you think? :))
chiao & nobody ask you create new topic, if it was necessery I did it myself

I know more about Trimble Connect Visualizer now! Especially did not know there is a Mac specific extension.

Here is how the TCV window looks for me, in 2023.1 on Mac:

And what the PNG looks like when I click the camera icon:

I see you solved the problem already, so just answering to show that it worked ok for me.