Trimble Connect & Sketchup Viewer

This is the process that I have followed. Can anybody see what I have done wrong?

You’ve been uploading the .skb files, not the .skp files.

Screenshot - 3_23_2021 , 8_46_59 AM

Try uploading the actual .skp files not the backup files.

Thanks Dave.

I now get this when I try to upload

So what happens when you click the Share icon on the right?
Screenshot - 3_23_2021 , 9_00_35 AM

The small model works fine but the larger model will not even load into the directory.

Hi Dave,

I have just found that thread via Google that says there is a limit on 100MB on file size.

Once again may I thank you for your invaluable help.

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File Size Limitations for Trimble Connect on Ho… | Trimble

That’s for the hololens, the max upload for the plan you have is 10GB (Prosubscription)
I haven’t seen size limitations in the 3D Viewer apart from that.
This file is 710MB (0,71GB)

I tried again today. Same file with no changes. It got further today than yesterday but this is the error I now get. This does not fill me with confidence.

Maybe the file got corrupted. You might have a classic license? Or do you have a subscription?
With the classic license, there is a storage limit of 10Gb.
What happens if you open the file with the desktop version ?
From there, try to publish it through [menu] File> Trimble Connect > Publish Model

Hi Mike,

I have tried these options. The file opens fine in Sketchup. I have a Pro license so the file size is ok apparently.

Does anybody know the process for reporting a bug to Trimble???