Trimble Connect - Create a sharable link bug

In SketchUp 2024, when I create a Shareable link, the dialog box that appears does not display all the content.
As a result, I am unable to activate the share button. (As shown in the attached image)
I have tried to fix dialogue width and height in the file: “C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Local\SketchUp\SketchUp 2024\SketchUp\PrivatePreferences.json”
But dont see Sharing dialogue.

Does anyone know how to resolve this? Thank you.

Have yo tried to change the screen scale factor setting?

I will try. How do I change the screen scale setting ?

How to adjust display scaling in Windows 11

  1. Right-click on any open space on the Desktop, then from the menu of options, select Display settings.
  2. Under Display, scroll down to Scale, and here next to Scale (Change the size of text, apps and other items) you can change this setting.
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Thanks for posting about this bug. If you can tell us the resolution and scale settings of all your displays that might help us in tracking this down.

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Hi, are you using an external display by chance?

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Thank you all.
I followed rtches’ method.


Thanks for posting about this bug. If you can tell us the resolution and scale settings of all your displays that might help us in tracking this down.

In my case, the default Scale and Layout was 100%.
So I changed the size of text in the “Make text bigger” option, set to 100%:
Start > Settings >Ease of Access display settings

Problem solves!

FYI on Windows platform:

  • In SketchUp 2023, CEF did not apply text scaling, only display scaling.

  • In SketchUp 2024, which uses CEF v112, it applies both display and text scaling.
    They are combined into the value of: window.devicePixelRatio

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According to your information, the text display in SU24 is affected by Windows text scaling.
If so, the context dialog appearing in SU24 should be modified to automatically adjust the “width” and “height” to match the text scale

Hope that the SketchUp development team will pay attention to this issue in the next update.

This is not generally true (for the entire application interface) because the migration to the Qt GUI framework is incomplete. It is an ongoing, multi-release project.

@paul_hudlow @Gopal @kath

The size metrics of CEF dialogs in SketchUp are (currently) multiplied by the display scaling.
But (as I said) in previous versions the CEF page rendering was not affected by text scaling.

It came as a late surprise that CEF version 112 also added the text scaling. For example, my UHD monitor has 1.5 display scaling and I had set my system text scaling to 1.25.
In my tests for CEF dialogs, the window.pixelDeviceRatio returns: 1.875 (1.5 * 1.25).
But SketchUp only scales up the dialog width & height by 1.5. CEF then scales the content by 1.875.
Sometimes this can cause a mismatch, which is why (generally) coders should always allow their CEF dialogs to be sizable by the end user.

But, yes, hopefully native CEF and extension dialogs will be adjusted in future releases. Currently, there is no API exposure to the system’s text scaling ratio and we can only get the primary monitor’s display scaling ratio (whether SketchUp is running on it or not.)

Thanks very much for the detailed steps. I can now see the problem on my system as well. I think we have all the information we need to work on a fix. :grinning: