Trim problem

Does anyone can help with trim the railing to handrail? I select the objects and intersect face with model but it doesn’t work.
42 Northwood.skp (415.5 KB)

If you want to use Intersect Faces to create the cut you need to open the spindle component for editing before running the intersection. As it is, the edges created by intersect are outside of the spindle component and thus have no effect on the geometry inside.

Before you run Intersect Faces you’ll need to make components unique or you’ll end up with intersections in the wrong places on some of them. You might also give some consideration to the way the spindles are placed. Some treads have three while others have two.

You are making life harder for yourself than necessary if your profile is correct and you have SketchUp pro! If you clean up the component (Component#10) that contains all the railings so that it becomes a solid, you can then use the Solid Tools trim command to do what you need very quickly. There are various flaws in that component currently preventing it from being solid. It would be a good learning exercise in clean modeling to use Solid Inspector 2 to identify them and figure out what they mean.

Thank you for the quick response. I can cut the railing in other two sections but not the middle one. Because the building code, the distance should not be more than 4 inches, so I just use that to copy railing. If it is two, some are beyond 4".

Seems to me if you are trying to meet code you might also want to conside the cross section dimensions of the spindles. 3/8 in. square doesn’t seem adequate to me.

Thanks. I am new to stair design and still learning.

I redrew the spindles and rail. I made the spindles 3/4 in. square and put two on a tread. The spacing between them is 3-3/4 in. so well within code specification. The spindles on the top floor are one component and sized to fit under the rail. There are two separate spindle components on each stair tread since they have to be different lengths. I also made sure to model the rail as a solid component. Instead of using the native Solid Tools as @slbaumgartner suggested. I used an extension to trim the spindles. Eneroth Solid Tools is one option. BoolTools2 is another. Both respect the “component-ness” of the spindles so only one of each needs to be trimmed to get the rest to match.


They could have been trimmed other ways, too. simply opening one spindle component for editing, drawing a new edge at the bottom of the rail and using Push/Pull to push away the waste at the top would work, also. With the spindles set up as I have them you could still manage by editing only two of them.


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Thank you so much Daver. Could you please share me with the file?

I don’t know the code that is used and where this stair is going to be built, but the tread seems to me too short. In our parts a stair that connects two levels inside a private dwelling has to have a minimum tread of 250 mm (about 10"). It needs perhaps winders, as the short treads make it somewhat uncomfortable, and it could perhaps be built with one riser less. A “public” stair would require more space.

My apologies. I didn’t save the file.

Yours drawing look much more than mine.

Thank you. I redo the model based on your drawing. Could you please share with me hoe do you do the calculation and come up with the number of 3-3/4 inch for distance?

It is for a single family house. The customer requires for 9.5".

I did a sort of-measure method leveraging Move/Copy and Linear Arrays. First to determine the spacing, second to make the copies up the steps. This is drawn with no specific dimensions as an example of the copying process.


Thank you. Always appreciate your help.