Help trimming a surface to this object!


I would like to get this concrete surface to butt up against this steel sheet pile object i found in 3d warehouse. Please and thank you in advance, I am a super sketchup noob!


Most likely you can extend the concrete to meet the metal and use Intersect Faces. Can you share the SKP file?

How will this be used? Do you need the exact detail?


Its just a visual model for a detailed project, but the SketchUp side of things is just for looks, so I just need the concrete to look as if it was poured up to the surface of the metal.riverwalkNoSteelAngle.skp (1.7 MB)


One way would be to pull the concrete out a ways and use Intersect Faces>With Model to instersect the top face of the concrete with the steel forms.

Since the panels don’t touch each other, you’ll need to draw in some lines across the gaps.

The clean up the unneeded coplanar edges and use Push/Pull to push away the waste side of the concrete.



OK wow that is perfect! when I get a chance I will try and do this, will keep you updated if I have any questions. thank you so much


can you give me a step by step in which buttons to press? I cant seem to get that clean cut on the concrete after intersecting, also do you have to make the lines you draw to connect the metal a surface and drag them down?


Push/Pull on the side of the concrete to pull it out beyond the metal panels.
Right click on the top face of the lowest step.
Select Intersect Faces>With Model.
Right click on the metal panel component.
Select Hide.
Get the Line tool.
Draw lines to connect the outlines of the panels. You’ll need to do this at the join between each pair of panels.
Erase the unneeded edges toward the outside of the panels. You only want the edges that come up against the inside of the panels.
Get Push/Pull.
Push down on the concrete face outside of the metal panel to get rid of the waste.
Triple click on the concrete geometry.
Right click on it and select Soften/Smooth.
Adjust the Soften slider in the Soften Edges window to get the desired amount of softening.
Click on the Edit menu.
Choose Unhide>All.


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