Trim boards to correct roof pitch

I am trying to model a simple firewood rack and I wan the top to have a 4/12 pitch. I have my guidelines but I have no idea how to trim the boards down to the correct pitch - i.e. as if I had cut them

I’ve been searching YT and have yet to find or understand how to do this.

I am new to sketchup been using it for only three days.

How about uploading the SKP file so we can see exactly what you’ve got. It shouldn’t be difficult to do but the way you have it modeled will determine the exact approach needed.

FirewoodRack.skp (313.8 KB)

FirewoodRack.skp (510.1 KB)

This is the latest version. I want to be able to have a corrugated roof on top. I don’t know how to trim the boards to by guides for the roof pitch.

I was opening the first one. Now opening the second one.

Maybe like this?


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Thanks Dave - Thanks for taking the time to show me… much appreciated.

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