Trial Version Conversion

I think I understand that when the trial period of 2018 Pro expires, I can choose to convert it to a free version. I have not found an explanation of what features are lost in this process. Does it revert to one of the earlier free versions like Make 2016?

No, the last version of Make is version 2017. They used to convert to Make.
Later versions are Pro, only.
They are all seperate programs which can be used side by side.
The Free version is now the webbased modeler.

You will have to install them separately

I’m curious as to what gave you that understanding.

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I found it here:

Interesting. There hasn’t been an 8-hour trial period for years. It’s been 30-days for a long time. That’s old and out-dated and needs to be removed. Maybe @jody can take a look at it.


That text has probably been written even before SketchUp was acquired by Google. I think the 30-day demo period was introduced in version 8.

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I couldn’t remember when that change occurred but you could be right. In any case, it’s ancient text that is in need of replacement.

I still have a version 7 on my Mac, 6,5 hours left in trial!

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About 7-1/2 hours left on my V3.1 trial. :wink:

OK. Understood. So. What happens when the trial period expires and I choose not to pay for a license? Do I uninstall it and install a free version? Is there a free version of 18 or is the latest 17?

Once the trial period ends, SketchUp 2018 would quit opening until you supply the license info. The last version of SketchUp Make is 2017 so if that’s what you are going to use, you might as well uninstall SU2018… Of course if you are using it for your commercially, you need the Pro license, anyway and SU2017 Make wouldn’t be the right fit.

Gotcha. Thanks. No. It is for personal use. Can you point me to somewhere that explains the major differences between Make 2017 and Pro 2018; just the major features, not the updates and minor fixes.

The key differences between Make and Pro is that Pro includes the following:

  1. Import and Export of CAD and other 3D vector file types
  2. Solid Tools
  3. Geo-location terrain and imagery
  4. Report Generator
  5. LayOut
  6. Style Builder

If you are considering going to SketchUp Pro, you shouldn’t be thinking about SU2018. Instead, you should be looking at SU2019. I’m not sure they’d sell you a license to SU2018 now, anyhow. SU2019 includes cloud storage via Trimble Connect and depending on which license you choose, the storage could be unlimited. You could also get access to SketchUp Shop, some Ar and VR viewer options and other stuff.

Thank you. Very helpful info. Sorry for the confusion.

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You’re welcome and no worries. When you settle on a version, please update your profile. That info can be very useful. Also add operating system and graphics card model. All of that info can be useful in helping you with questions.

Thanks for the heads up. I’m curious how anyone could even find that page, it’s not in our browsing structure and shouldn’t be linked anywhere. I’ve retired the article.


Wayback machine? Google magic?:smiley:

Sorry. I don’t remember enough to retrace my steps, if it matters. I was searching for information on using trial versions and what happens when the time expires. I either found a link or just happened on that page. Wish I could be better help.

If you search on Google with “sketchup expired evaluation help” the first link will show the outdated link. The cached version will still show the text.