"trial" expired before I even was able to open it

I downloaded “make” and saw I cant import drawings, so I uninstalled it, then downloaded the free trial of “pro” and it said my trial expired? ALL WITHIN 1 HOUR??

I’ve used this program back in the day even before it was Google Sketchup - but not since then…

No, your machine has likely had a trial on it before, or the Make version was really a pro trial that expired your trial. If you had 2015 it shouldnt look back at old versions, IIRC.

I know i tried SU a long time ago, back before it waseven google sketchup… And tried loading an earlier version that would not allow importing of DWG files and then uninstalled it.
Is there a way i can get a free trial of pro… I’d like to try it. I have revit 2014 and am looking for an easier way to produce 3d models


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